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Renewable Energy

Bijou Dental Spa gets 20% of its electricity from renewable energy.  We subscribe to Duke Energy’s Shared Solar Program where part of our electricity is produced by the Sun at the 1 Megawatt Anderson Solar Farm.

Our shared solar system allows us to lower our electricity costs by 20% and reduce our carbon footprint as we’re less dependent on electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Water Efficiency & Conservation

Like most green buildings, we use ultra efficient water fixtures to minimize the use of potable water. Our fixtures use 50% less water than a standard commercial building.

In addition, our dental vacuum system uses no water whereas traditional dental vacuums will use thousands of gallons of water every day.

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Health & Air Quality

Our building’s advanced cooling system is not only energy efficient, but also provides over 60% more fresh air compared to a typical commercial building.

To ensure the cleanest air for our guests, we use a hospital grade, MERV 13 filtration system.

Furthermore, all the materials used for our building contain little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Lighting Efficiency & Comfort

To reduce our energy consumption, we installed the tallest insulated glass storefront in Greenville, SC!

We also utilize occupancy sensors and all of our lighting is highly efficient LED. In addition, we provide light dimmers in all of our dental and spa rooms for our guests comfort.

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Recycling & Low Waste

The average dental office has a lot of waste that goes to landfills like disposable bibs and clips, air/water syringe tips and packaging.

Instead of disposable bibs we have reusable cotton towels, infused with essential oils. We also sterilize and reuse stainless steel air/water syringe tips instead of throwing two away per patient.

Our office recycling program allows us to divert packaging materials from landfills and We also use paperless patient forms to use less paper.