Root Canals

Root canals have scary reputations, but they are truly one of the most relaxing stress free dental procedures. Dr. Bevans LOVES the serenity of a quiet root canal procedure… most patients use it as time to catch up on sleep!

Maybe you’ve noticed a sharp pain when you bite down or have felt extreme sensitivity to cold or hot. Perhaps you’ve been awoken in the middle of the night with an achy tooth. These are some tell tale signs that you may need a root canal. Root canals are necessary when the nerve inside the tooth, called the pulp, gets inflamed beyond the body’s repair mechanisms. Several tests need to be performed by Dr. Bevans to determine what state the nerve is in before a root canal can be prescribed. Root canals can be done in either one or two appointments depending on the condition of the tooth. The basic procedure involves achieving profound plural anesthesia so that the tooth is completely numb. Once this is accomplished, Dr. Bevans will make a small hole in the tooth to clean the canal out with various medicaments. Once it is perfectly disinfected and clean and dry she will then fill the entire canal with a material called gutta percha and then seal it off. Most teeth that have had root canals need full coverage crowns to protect the tooth from recontamination.


1-2 appointments.

Your visit will begin with a few minutes to get relaxed in our massaging dental chair as the calming music lulls you into a completely tranquil state. Then Dr. Bevans will quietly deliver local anesthetic to your tooth painlessly with a special technique she has perfected. Once your tooth is completely asleep, she will verify this by cold testing it unless the tooth has already become necrotic from the inflammation. Once the procedure is complete and the build-up has been done we will finish your root canal at Bijou Dental Spa with DoTerra essential oil lip balm and a tea tree oil infused cool towel so you leave feeling fresh!

Why Choose Us?

At Bijou Dental Spa, we are very proud of the experience we provide because we treat every appointment as a relaxing spa visit, complete with DoTerra essential oil aromatherapy, warm neck wraps, and serene spa music. We have chosen to make dentistry feel like a special treat that you don’t have to do but GET to do!

If this sounds like an amazing experience to you schedule your visit with us online!

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