Natural Looking Fillings

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings in Greenville

Gone are the days of ugly silver mercury fillings.

Filling cavities with a tooth colored composite material looks the most natural and can function well for many years. Composite resin fillings look, feel, and function the most like natural tooth structure. After the cavity if completely removed the composite shade is chosen to match your tooth exactly and then Dr. Bevans skillfully fills the hole. The idea is to build back the tooth’s anatomy that was removed during the cavity preparation. Once the filling is placed , Dr. Bevans will carefully contour the hardened material so that your bite is comfortable and then she will polish it to a high shine so that it feels smooth just like your natural teeth!

30 min – 1.5 hours

Your visit will begin with a few minutes to get relaxed in our massaging dental chair as the calming music lulls you into a completely tranquil state. Then Dr. Bevans will quietly deliver local anesthetic to your tooth painlessly with a special technique she has perfected. Once your tooth is completely asleep, she will verify this by cold testing it. Next she will complete the filling procedure in 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on how many teeth we are working on. Once the procedure is complete and your filling and bite are perfect we will finish with DoTerra essential oil lip balm and a tea tree oil infused cool towel so you leave feeling fresh!

At Bijou Dental Spa, we are very proud of the experience we provide because we treat every appointment as a relaxing spa visit, complete with DoTerra essential oil aromatherapy, warm neck wraps, and serene spa music. We have chosen to make dentistry feel like a special treat that you don’t have to do but GET to do!

If this sounds like an amazing experience to you schedule your visit with us online!

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The restorative dentists at Bijou Dental Spa also provide the following restorative dental treatments to patients in Greenville and the surrounding areas: DenturesDental Crowns & Bridges, and Dental Implants.

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