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Dental Implant Restoration

If you already have an implant or are considering getting an implant placed, plan to see Dr. Bevans to have a tooth permanently attached to it.

Dental Implants are essentially the most “tooth like” permanent way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Implants fully restored will consist of three parts. First a titanium “screw” is placed into the bone and allowed to integrate and heal around it. This titanium portion replaces the “root” of a natural tooth that has been lost. The second part of a dental implant is called an “abutment”. This is what the cap or crown will fit onto. The third part of a dental implant is the “crown” or “cap” that gets screwed or cemented on to the abutment.

Sometimes dental implants can be used to fix a denture into place so that it stays in better. In this instance the implants will consist of different parts. The titanium screw part will still be placed into the jaw bones but once they heal different parts are screwed in to attach the pre-made denture.


  • Most lifelike way to replace a missing tooth or several teeth
  • No destruction of adjacent healthy teeth
  • Does not come out, it is a permanently placed prosthesis
  • Can make dentures fit MUCH better

2-3 visits — Case Dependent

Once the implant has fully integrated into bone and healed we will begin the process to fabricate the implant restoration. Dr. Bevans will remove the healing abutment and screw in an impression coping to take the final impression. This record will enable the lab to know where and how to fabricate the abutment and crown. You most likely will not have to be numbed for this procedure.

After the crown and abutment are made in about 2-3 weeks, you will have your final visit in which we screw in or cement in your new implant crown. Dr. Bevans will once again remove the healing caps and screw in the abutment. Next we will take an x-ray to ensure a perfect fit. Finally we will screw or cement the new implant crown in.

At Bijou Dental Spa, we are very proud of the experience we provide because we treat every appointment as a relaxing spa visit, complete with DoTerra essential oil aromatherapy, warm neck wraps, and serene spa music. We have chosen to make dentistry feel like a special treat that you don’t have to do but GET to do!

If this sounds like an amazing experience to you schedule your visit with us online!

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