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Greenville Dental Cleanings

Dental problems can quickly arise when plaque and calculus build up on teeth and under the gum tissue. Tooth decay and inflammation of the gums come first but over time they both can lead to tooth and bone loss. Routine cleanings at Bijou Dental Spa in downtown Greenville prevent these problems by removing the bad bacteria in the mouth so that you can have a beautiful and healthy smile for life!

60 min – 1.5 hours

At Bijou Dental Spa in Greenville SC, you will receive an in depth exam of your teeth and gums so that we can come up with a custom treatment plan designed for your specific oral health needs. Our comprehensive exam includes very low radiation digital x-rays to see decay that may be in between your teeth, periodontal charting, oral cancer screening, TMJ analysis. We will use a piezo ultrasonic scaler, hand instruments, and a polishing cup to painlessly remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth and below your gum line. Our team always discusses ways to help you become an even better brusher and flosser at home so that your future cleanings are easy and stress free!

At Bijou Dental Spa, we are very proud of the dental cleaning experience because we treat it as a relaxing spa visit, complete with DoTerra essential oil aromatherapy, warm neck wraps, and serene spa music. We have chosen to make a dental cleaning feel like a special treat that you don’t have to do but GET to do every six months.

If this sounds like an amazing experience to you, schedule your 6 month cleaning online!

The Greenville dentists at Bijou Dental Spa also provide the following preventive dental treatments to patients in Greenville and the surrounding areas: Dental ExamsFluoride Treatment, and Dental Sealants.

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